Property Staging


Having the right interior in your serviced accommodation property is VITAL to achieve maximum profit & occupancy rates. Avoid the 5 fatal mistakes people make when choosing a company to furnish & style their property

#1 Price Over Quality 

Buy cheap, buy twice. The price may seem cheap but if your property is rented out constantly, hotel quality furniture is a MUST! Many companies do not supply good quality furnishing/beds…how can they when they are cheap? A good nights rest is ESSENTIAL to good reviews

#2. Price Over Look 

According to, Increasing your properties star rating by 1 star increases your income by 11%  This can be easily achieved by providing a more stylish property. Many providers only provide the furniture. ALWAYS check what the quote includes…does it include, unique soft furnishing, original artwork, handpicked accessories?

#3 Everyone Uses Them

With over 28 million properties on, there has never been a more crucial time to stand out. Doing what EVERYONE else does, no longer cuts it. IT ALL LOOKS THE SAME

#4 Price over Online Presence 

The average person views a property online for only 3 seconds before deciding to click on your listing…or not! You MUST STAND OUT. You will only do this by making your property look unique…eye catching and don’t forget, great photography

#5 Relying on Convenience Instead of Profit Driven Partnerships

Many relationships with furniture providers are based upon personal relationships from long ago. How does the saying go…’if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got’ 

#6 Choosing a Furniture Supplier Over a Staging Company

Many people choose a company that delivers furniture over a company that installs the furniture & styles the room. This appears cheaper at first but you are comparing apples with oranges.

 How many thousands of £££ has your company/property lost by not being stylishly furnished & dressed?

Your property is hugely valuable-Treat it that way!