1)    Full Payment must be made prior to booking installation.


2) Client agrees to complete the preparation work agreed upon prior to the scheduled staging date. Client agrees to complete any Packing/Prep Work, and acknowledges the quoted price is contingent upon all cleaning and repair work being completed


3) Client will arrange for the property to be clean, vacant of ANY people and animals during the time creative staging process takes place. NO CLIENT, BUILDERS/TRADESPEOPLE OF ANY KIND TO BE PRESENT


4) THERE MUST BE WORKING ELECTRICITY IN THE PROPERTY. This is required for steaming bed linen and lamps being operational for the photography. We cannot be responsible for topping up electricity keys/cards or meters


 5) Access to Client’s property will be provided to The Property Stagers a minimum of 2 days prior to the staging date by the client(s), estate agent (s) or be assigned person required via key or lock box (if necessary).


6) Client assumes full responsibility for all purchased items from The Property Stagers, including their safe and proper use. Client is responsible for all loss, damage, or repair, including fire and theft, in the event of lost/stolen/fire.


7) The Property Stagers will provide only what is included on quote, any “add ons” requested after payment is made will be at an additional cost.


8) All items are non refundable unless damaged or faulty at point of installation.


9) The Client understands that brands, quality & design are stipulated by The Property Stagers & no items are returnable if design is not to clients personal taste.


10) The Client understands that photographs may be taken during the staging process. The Property Stagers reserves the right to photograph the Client’s project for portfolio, publication or advertising purposes without compensation or further permission of client. PHOTOGRAPHS ARE ONLY TAKEN OF THE ROOMS BEING STAGED


11) Pictures taken by The Property Stagers are the copyright of and anyone needing The Property Stagers to copy the detail for commercial purposes must seek authorization from The Property Stagers. The photos taken are supplied to the client & agents to market the property. The Property Stagers reserves the right to use all photographs taken on behalf of clients for promotional purposes, both printed and online. Edited photographs are 1600×1200 pixels.


12) Re-scheduling of the agreed staging/installation date will be subject to a £250 fee each time the date is moved if changed less than 2 weeks before the installation date.


13) Under No circumstances shall The Property Stagers, be held liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or economic damages including and without limitation damages for loss or Revenue or loss of Profits in no event shall any loss or damage arising from or related to the subject of this contract exceed the amounts paid to stagers under this agreement.


14) Client gives permission for items outside & inside the house to be moved or re-arranged.


15) If we arrive to do the installation & the property is not ready (e.g due to building work not being completed or carpets not being fitted) & we are either delayed or need to return a £500+vat fee will be incurred by yourself


16) The furniture will be placed where it will look best in the room for photography purposes.


17) If we provide a TV bracket we do not fix the TV bracket to the wall or install the TV (our staff are not insured to drill walls). The TV will on request be taken out of it’s packaging, checked & left in a safe place (with TV remote & guarantee etc)


18) It is a condition of this Agreement that all amounts payable by the Client to The Property Stagers to pursuant to this Agreement, are paid within the stipulated time frames. In the event that any amount is not paid within the stipulated time frame, all amounts payable by the Client to The Property Stagers pursuant to this Agreement become immediately due and payable.