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As more of the population becomes aware of the power of staging & how it can effect our housing market as a nation, it’s not only an exciting time in the industry but especially in ThePropertyStagers world.

“When I started ThePropertyStagers, home staging wasn’t very well known in the UK, so it challenging to get the word out there & really educate people on why this service was so important. Now the game has completely changed and I am proud to say we are now the UK’s Leading Furniture & Staging Company”

-Liv Conlon, Founder

 Check out our new promo video, staging the iconic Blairtum Park Penthouse

“As a company we have witnessed a massive shift in attitude towards staging in the UK, we have experienced an increase in enquiries & awareness to the subject.

The staging industry has always been massive in the US & Canada. It will be an incredible experience for myself & the company to represent the UK  in Nashville at the International Association of Home Staging Professionals Convention in October of this year” 

We are incredibly honoured to be recognised internationally as the UK’s industry leaders. Liv will be representing ThePropertyStagers & the UK at the International Conference in Nashville in November

At ThePropertyStagers, our mission is to help investors, estate agents & ultimately clients maximise profit on all of their property deals. How do we do this? 

Next Level Staging 

In the past couple of months, we have heavily invested in our look creating a more luxurious & high quality install in an effort to add more value for our clients.

“We have invested a 5 figure sum into stock to upgrade our staging look, at no additional cost to our clients”

An example of our next level staging look

“We are totally confident that there is no other company on the market that can provide the high end look for the price that we can.

Staging is our passion. With our proven track record of staging over 300 properties per year, you are in safe hands- we will show your property in the best light”

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