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“Next Level Staging”- ThePropertyStagers

As more of the population becomes aware of the power of staging & how it can effect our housing market as a nation, it’s not only an exciting time in the industry but especially in ThePropertyStagers world.

“When I started ThePropertyStagers, home staging wasn’t very well known in the UK, so it challenging to get the word out there & really educate people on why this service was so important. Now the game has completely changed and I am proud to say we are now the UK’s Leading Furniture & Staging Company”

-Liv Conlon, Founder

 Check out our new promo video, staging the iconic Blairtum Park Penthouse

“As a company we have witnessed a massive shift in attitude towards staging in the UK, we have experienced an increase in enquiries & awareness to the subject.

The staging industry has always been massive in the US & Canada. It will be an incredible experience for myself & the company to represent the UK  in Nashville at the International Association of Home Staging Professionals Convention in October of this year” 

We are incredibly honoured to be recognised internationally as the UK’s industry leaders. Liv will be representing ThePropertyStagers & the UK at the International Conference in Nashville in November

At ThePropertyStagers, our mission is to help investors, estate agents & ultimately clients maximise profit on all of their property deals. How do we do this? 

Next Level Staging 

In the past couple of months, we have heavily invested in our look creating a more luxurious & high quality install in an effort to add more value for our clients.

“We have invested a 5 figure sum into stock to upgrade our staging look, at no additional cost to our clients”

An example of our next level staging look

“We are totally confident that there is no other company on the market that can provide the high end look for the price that we can.

Staging is our passion. With our proven track record of staging over 300 properties per year, you are in safe hands- we will show your property in the best light”

Would you like a quote to stage your property for sale today?

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Iconic Stage at Blairtum Park

It’s an exciting time for a property stager when you are asked to stage apartments within the iconic building that is Blairtum Park!

Why so iconic? Originally built in 1878, Blairtum House was used as a home for the elderly from the 60s until the 80s. It became a respite and day care facility for dementia sufferers until 1996 before being converted to starter flats. Although it unfortunately went up in flames May 2016 

The property has now been regenerated into 3 Luxury apartments by Rosewood Homes

Blairtum Park consists of a pillared entrance and a sweeping driveway leads the way to the expansive 1.55 acre site, which also offers a woodland walk and private grounds. 

With one property already sold, Allen & Harris partnered with us at ThePropertyStagers to stage  the 3 bedroom penthouse apartment & 3 bed first floor apartment. Here are the results…

Penthouse Apartment

When entering the penthouse apartment the home owner is presented with excellent views across Glasgow which can be accessed via the balcony & with an impressive open plan kitchen, living & dining space, it is the perfect space for socialising 

“It was important for us to choose furniture & soft furnishings that continued not only the quality of the apartment throughout but the traditional yet modern style” – Liv Conlon, Founder ThePropertyStagers

“The use of velvet sofas & the rich colour of teal really emphasised the luxurious feel of the penthouse” 

The penthouse leads on to 3 bedrooms with a cosy feeling due to the loft windows & large spaces filled with character. 

3 Bed 1st Floor Apartment

On the first floor of Blairtum Park you will find a grand 3 bedroom apartment with large, regal rooms, a gorgeous Kitchen/Dining Space & even a home office.

 “With the first floor apartment we added dramatic furniture to the lounge. It’s a grand room with gorgeous high ceilings & to create that homely feeling we chose gorgeous emerald green velvet sofas accompanied by an oak & glass dining table & velvet dining chairs”

The large kitchen is an incredibly sociable area with a large kitchen island & space for a dining area too. 

The development, which has been called ‘Blairtum Park,’ is being taken forward by Rosewood Homes with Allan & Harris marketing the new homes. 

If you would like to view the properties: Penthouse

3 Bed 1st Floor Apartment

If you liked our staging & would like ThePropertyStagers to stage your property for sale, then please email us today

or call us on 0141 266 0078

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10 Tips for Staging Your Home For Sale

Home Staging is a vital part to your selling process. Why you ask? We can transform your home to make it look bigger, brighter, cleaner, more loving, and warmer. It can be something as simple as adding a mirror to your living room to reflect the natural light to make the room appear brighter and larger. A home stager pays very close attention to detail, and makes sure every room looks to the best of its ability, to create that wow factor. A home stager puts your interest as their top priority, and will help you to take the right steps towards maximising the value of your home. 

Here are our top 10 tips for staging your home: 

1. Decorating:

Sometimes all you need a new fresh coat of paint. By selecting neutral colours for the finishes, it creates a more soothing environment and allows to buyer to imagine their own style in the home.  If redecorating, I suggest grey or white walls & grey carpets. This is the “in” colour right now & is likely to appeal to the mass market. 

2. Declutter:

Declutter all rooms, and remove any personal items. This further allows the buyer to imagine themselves here, and take away any distraction from the room itself.  Make sure to pay close attention to detail in the kitchen and bathrooms, as it can make or break your sell in these areas. Both rooms set the mood for the rest of the home. 

3. Furniture Placement:

Using minimal furniture allows for the room to speak for itself. It shows off the space of each room, while allowing the buyer to envision their own furniture in the place. In a living room, place the furniture around the natural focal point in the room, this could be a fireplace or feature wall. In a bedroom, place the bed preferably facing the door as when a viewer walks in, this will create the “WOW” factor

4. Mirrors!:

If a room is dark or lacking interest add a mirror, it will completely transform a space. Not only does a mirror reflect light, it mirrors the room, making it feel double the size AND creates a luxurious feel 

5. Bright Colours:

Make your property stand out online using brightly coloured soft furnishing, accessories & artwork. With so much competition out there, make your property jump off the page! 

6. Lighting:

Lamps, lamps, lamps! Every room should at least have 1 lamp in it. This takes any harshness in a room & creates mood lighting. It creates a homely feel- the perfect vibe for selling your home

7. Lifestyle Stunts:

When staging a property for sale, add little touches such as perfume bottles, dresses, heels, jewellery or slippers. It adds a touch of luxury & really helps the viewer to imagine living there

8. Set Table:

A set table again captures the imagination of the view, they can imagine themselves holding dinner parties or sitting down with friends & family. It also looks fantastic in the photos

9. Outside:

Buyers form an opinion within the first 15 seconds of entering a home.The first impression of your home actually starts from the outside. Think of it like a book cover, predicting what you are about to see. If there are uncut weeds everywhere, paint chips, rubbish, or any other distracting elements, it can seriously alter someones perspective of the home as a whole.

10. Photographs:

If you do all of the above & your photographs are poor, it was pointless. Your photographs online are like your first handshake, your first impression with the buyer.

Don’t see staging your property for sale as an upfront cost, it is an investment. Spend a little to make a lot in the sale, You should achieve not only a quicker sale, but a higher sale price. 

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Why You Should Stage Your Property For Sale

Hello Readers! When thinking of a subject to write about this week, I decided to write a little article on all of the “Excuses Not to Stage my Property for Sale” I have heard. We are going to take each excuse we have heard throughout our career in home staging & challenge it with the truth. It’s going to be an interesting one.. 

Excuse 1: 

“I can sell my house without staging”

You’re right. Every house will sell…it’s just a matter of when and for how much. Even if your home sells quickly in a good market, it doesn’t mean that it sold for the top amount it could have commanded with professional staging. Remember, professionally staged homes sell on a conservative average for about 6%+ more than non-staged homes. If your home sold for £300K un-staged, it probably would have sold for £320K staged!

Excuse 2: 

“My property is in a great area & it will sell quickly anyway” 

Great! But why wouldn’t you give your property the best chance possible? Get more viewers & ultimately what everyone wants- a closing date & higher offer. If you gave me a tenner & I gave you a twenty back, would you take it? So why not invest 1k  to make 5k off the back of it? 

Excuse 3: 

“My property has just been refurbished, it sells itself” 

90% of viewers don’t have the vision to imagine what could be done with an empty space. If you don’t have that eye, empty space = overwhelm. Overwhelm = excuses not to buy. Stage your property & do the thinking for them!

Excuse 4:

“I could own the furniture if I do it myself”

Yes you could own the furniture if you buy it yourself, but what people often forget is that when the property sells & the furniture doesn’t, where are you going to store the furniture? Try spending a few hundred pounds per month on storage & see what costs less. 

Excuse 5: “I don’t want to keep the furniture, I just want it for the photographs” 

Imagine viewing a property online, the most gorgeous property you have ever seen! You book a viewing, you cant wait, you arrive… & it’s EMPTY!! You’ve been conned, you wanted to see your dream home set up as it was in the photos!

This is why we don’t furnish properties & disappear with the furniture after the last click of the camera. At ThePropertyStagers, we make dreams, not crush them

If you can think of any other reasons to not stage your property for sale we would to love hear from you! 

“You can’t sell it if you can’t see it”- Barb Schwarz,  The Creator of Home Staging 

Property Staging


Having the right interior in your serviced accommodation property is VITAL to achieve maximum profit & occupancy rates. Avoid the 5 fatal mistakes people make when choosing a company to furnish & style their property

#1 Price Over Quality 

Buy cheap, buy twice. The price may seem cheap but if your property is rented out constantly, hotel quality furniture is a MUST! Many companies do not supply good quality furnishing/beds…how can they when they are cheap? A good nights rest is ESSENTIAL to good reviews

#2. Price Over Look 

According to booking.com, Increasing your properties star rating by 1 star increases your income by 11%  This can be easily achieved by providing a more stylish property. Many providers only provide the furniture. ALWAYS check what the quote includes…does it include, unique soft furnishing, original artwork, handpicked accessories?

#3 Everyone Uses Them

With over 28 million properties on booking.com, there has never been a more crucial time to stand out. Doing what EVERYONE else does, no longer cuts it. IT ALL LOOKS THE SAME

#4 Price over Online Presence 

The average person views a property online for only 3 seconds before deciding to click on your listing…or not! You MUST STAND OUT. You will only do this by making your property look unique…eye catching and don’t forget, great photography

#5 Relying on Convenience Instead of Profit Driven Partnerships

Many relationships with furniture providers are based upon personal relationships from long ago. How does the saying go…’if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got’ 

#6 Choosing a Furniture Supplier Over a Staging Company

Many people choose a company that delivers furniture over a company that installs the furniture & styles the room. This appears cheaper at first but you are comparing apples with oranges.

 How many thousands of £££ has your company/property lost by not being stylishly furnished & dressed?

Your property is hugely valuable-Treat it that way!


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You Aren’t Desperate to Sell, Are You? Your Property Says Otherwise

When developing properties we often think our target market is first time buyers, downsizers and upsizers but we often forget that other property savvy investors like ourselves may be looking to buy, endlessly scrolling through Rightmove trying to hunt down their next deal. And your empty, lonely, cold looking, magnolia painted property is their next target. 

Why?…It’s been sitting on the market for 2 months, no commitment, no offers, no closing date, no movement. 

This is an outrage! Your property has been valued at 60K, the highest value in the street!  Your property has just had a 10K refurb, its been completely rewired, redecorated, new flooring, a new bathroom & a new kitchen YOU DESERVE FULL MARKET VALUE! But it’s been on the market too long now & here come the investors looking to bag themselves a bargain. 

You’ve paid an extra 2 months of mortgage payments or god forbid bridging & the clock is ticking. Stress levels are rising…will you ever shift your property.

You finally sell after another 4 weeks. You accept an offer at 55K, although you know your property is worthy of that 60K mark. Plus you’ve paid ANOTHER month of fees! 

The Solution:

Property Staging = SOLUTION 

You would have had a small upfront fee of around 1-2K on day one after the refurb completed. Your estate agent books in 10 viewings on day 1 of the property going online. All buyers are interested, submitting offers or notes of interest. Your property goes to a closing date. 

You were expecting the top offer to be 60K, you were offered 66K! That 1-2K you may have thought twice about paying, has just made you an extra 5K. RESULT!

You avoided 3 months mortgage/bridging payments. You got 6K more than you expected, oh & all that stress…well it just didn’t happen.

…Now for that next deal!

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Property Staging is “The Norm” in the US, When is the UK going to catch up?

We aren’t behind the States in a lot of things but we are in one major department! In America staging is the ‘norm’. Home owners are doing it, investors are doing it, but it’s mainly estate agents that are doing it! Us British really need to catch up! As one of the few property stagers in the UK we believe property staging should be an industry standard. We really need to increase the quality of our properties, our marketing & the “shop window” of Rightmove. If you search some key areas in the United States & Sweden, their properties are immaculate, attractive & you WANT to buy them. Have a peep into the UK & you’ll find clutter & dishes in sinks.

How do we change this? Awareness & Action. 

As a country we have to improve the quality of our properties for market, whether we do it ourselves or hire a Staging Professional, change is needed. Staging is an amazing tool to speed up the sale of our properties & provide quality housing for UK families. We need home owners, investors & estate agents to get on board.

In the States, a whopping 34% of the agents surveyed recently INSIST on ALL their properties being staged! This figure would be closer to 0% in the UK!

 “Among properties that are staged: 62% of sellers’ agents offer the property staging services to their sellers, 39% of sellers pay for the staging before the property is listed, 10% of sellers pay after the property is sold, and 3% percent of agents’ firms pay for the property staging service.”

We need to begin seeing staging, not as an expense but as a vital tool to make MORE money. Studies have shown investing less than 1% of your properties value will make you a 1000% percent return. Who doesn’t want that result? 

So when is the UK going to catch up with the US?  

Awareness is growing and we are getting there slowly but the biggest influencers in residential property sales are still estate agents. Who often say to clients “wait a few months & we will see how it goes” costing their clients far more in the long run than just paying for property staging. 

 I believe once we get our estate agents on board, like in the US, the UK will begin to have a very attractive “shop-window” with properties flying off the shelf.